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What are Yearbook Signing Pages, you ask? Well, quite simply, they are a place where you can leave fun notes and well wishes to your friends. Want to tell your housemates how awesome they are? Let them know by leaving a note on your house's page! Want to tell your friend in another house how great they did in an activity? Leave them a note of congratulations on their house's page. It's easy!

Please be respectful. Please abide by ratings. Please have fun.

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Going Out In STYLE

Hi,my lovely Yearbook friends!

As most of you have seen by now, this will be the last HiH Yearbook. I've had the privilege of modding this community a couple of times before and, while I am sad to see it go, it's time to move on to better and more awesome things.

That being said, let's make this Yearbook an amazing one! I've added a couple of categories at this post for you to leave any Yearbook memories and other fun memories. Remember: you CAN max out for category submissions this month even if you maxed out last month.

I'm also bringing back Yearbook Signing pages. Look for that post this evening.

I really really REALLY want this to be the best Yearbook for you all. Please please please help me do that by sending in your submissions and HAVING FUN!

Llama love,

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First of all, thank you allllll for your wonderful category suggestions. I have narrowed your suggestions down to 12 that I think will be super fun to find submissions for and enjoyable to read later.

If you don't see your suggestion in the list below, have no fear! Either your suggestion was incredibly similar to someone else's suggestion (great minds think alike, etc. etc.) or I'm going to incorporate it into the Yearbook in another way. All of the ideas were REALLY GOOD and it was VERY DIFFICULT to narrow it down, seriously.

Points: the part everyone is interested in, right? You get 2pts per submission to the Yearbook. There is a 30 point cap. YOU WANT TO REACH THE CAP. Not only would that make the Yearbook SUPER AWESOME, I have something up my sleeve for those who max out. Wink wink nudge nudge. Submissions will be accepted until April 20th at 11:59pm UTC.


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HIH YEARBOOK ACTIVITY: #wizardsofinstagram

To kick off this 25th term of HiH, The Yearbook wants your pictures - #filter or #nofilter.


How to Participate:

1. Either take a picture or find one online of something that represents your house. Feel free to get creative with this!! Just... mind the ratings.

2. Pictures should be 400x400.

3. Whether you add any other modifications, filters, etc. is up to you. Get as creative as you want. If no changes are made, the hashtag #nofilter should be included in the caption.

4. Each picture should have a caption of no more than 50 words and should have at least one hashtag. Hashtag words are not included in the 50 word count.

5. Submit by 5pm UTC on 1/21!


Your submissions will be used in the Term XXV Yearbook!
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Term XXV!


It's our SILVER term here at HIH! Can you believe it?! We've had a lot of fun times and we're continuing to make new memories.


For those of you who don't know me, I am Ashley and I am this term's Yearbook Editor. I've held this position in the past and I've overseen its operation during my time as the Gryffindor mini-mod. What I love about Yearbook is the opportunity it gives us to celebrate all of the good that comes from this community. The chance to use sparkle text and fiddle around with graphics doesn't suck either.

I'm excited to work with you all on this project. Please feel free to offer any suggestions or ask any questions in the comments on this post.

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Lottery #4 - Results

etacanis 10 points/5 knuts
c_hrista 10 points/5 knuts
Total: 20 points

hanson_phreek 10 points/5 knuts
Total: 10 points

peyton07 20 points/10 knuts
Total: 20 points

Congrats! The Lucky submissions were Jamming Till We Crack and omg we're saturated!. And congrats to peyton07 hitting the double jackpot by submitting stuff in both of these categories! :D

Direction for the nominations are right here! The more stuff you submit, the more points you'll receive!
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For the curious

For the people who are curious what the yearbook would have looked like, you can download the PDF over HERE.
Please do download it because viewing it with google docs completely kills any quality in the pictures. My biggest mistakes are that the Quidditch teams didn't get their own page, nor did the people who make the Daily Prophet. Next to that, my biggest problem (besides people changing positions so very often) was the many many people on the members list that were no longer a member. Because I needed to save everyone's icon I visited many profiles. At first to save time I didn't scroll down to check if they were still a member. Around the letter k I started to check the profiles, it took me almost 5 times longer because there were so many people not a member anymore. By then I already had made so many pages that needed to be redone I simply lost my motivation.

I've seen the new mod apps for this position and I'm very sure that your next mod will not make such silly mistakes. Thank you for your attention and good day to you :)

-x- Maaike